AniTa for Android

Release Preview

Last update: 2015-07-24


The AniTa for Android is available for testing.
This version does not implement the AniTa for Windows screen enhancements like hotspots and 3D-Boxes are not available.
Telnet and SSH is supported.

Required Android version: 2.3. Supports Android 4. For Mobile Phones and Surf Boards.

The product is a "preview".  It is a stripped down port from the AniTa/Java version.  There is no specific Android documentation available.

Screenshot Gallery:
A few screenshots from AniTa.


Version .apk .zip Comment
1.69 .apk N/A Slow keyboard and screen refresh fixed.
1.68 .apk N/A Crash problem fixed. Graphic lines fixed.
1.67.2 .apk N/A Function keys (configurable). And lots of minor problems fixed.



Tip: Long press on the screen opens the configuration menu system.

30 days free evaluation. Contact us for commercial.

Support and feedback.
Please send feedback to Support

Have a nice session with a mobile AniTa,
Bjorn Karlsson